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Lawn Disease Control

Weed Man Lawn Care Services in Greenville

Lawn Care Expertise
Weed Man provides lawn care maintenance and treatment services to the Greenville area through our locally owned and operated Trumbull County branch location. Your local Weed Man team is made up of knowledgeable, professionally-trained lawn care technicians who understand Greenville grass types and soil composition, as well as common insects, diseases, and weather-related conditions that can impact turf health. We bring our education to your lawn!

Honesty & Integrity - The Right Products at the Right Time
Weed Man promises never to sell you something that won’t directly benefit your lawn. We will only make recommendations that will help you achieve the healthiest lawn possible. Our long-standing reputation in the Greenville community has been earned by consistently following this standard. We will always care for the welfare of your turf as well as your pocketbook.

Highest Quality Products & Service
From lawn fertilization to weed control, integrated pest management and more, Weed Man has a lawn care program for every lawn. Below is a list of services offered at the Greenville branch:

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Services available at our Greenville branch

  • fertilization

    Weed Man Lawn Care Trumbull County's slow-release granular fertilizer is exclusively blended for your turf, offering golf course-quality results. Request a free quote today!

  • weed control
    Weed Control

    Protect your investment with a customized Weed Control program that will help eliminate unsightly broadleaf weeds.

  • crabrgass control
    Crabgrass Control

    Control Crabgrass on your lawn with Weed Man's Crabgrass Control service. With Weed Man’s help, your lawn will be back to a thick, dark green, Crabgrass-free state in a matter of no time. Contact us today for more information.

  • aeration icon
    Mechanical Core Aeration

    Core Aeration reduces your lawn's thatch layer to promote good root health, by allowing water, air and nutrients reach the areas that need it most.

  • lawn disease control and care - brown patch
    Lawn Disease Control

    Despite your best efforts, disease can find a way to creep into your lawn in the form of brown patches and circles. Read more about Weed Man's Lawn Disease Control service here.

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